Dang it! Let’s hang it.

Linda, today suggested a stream of consciousness concentrating on the word ‘rope’. My own consciousness is hardly a stream these days – more like a puddle. A stream would imply some sort of direction which, in my case, would be towards dark places. A muddy puddle, perhaps. But more like a dark void.

But that’s enough of me. How’s everyone else feeling today?


I’ve had a go at life
And life just couldn’t cope
We had a go at sex and drugs
But there was insufficient dope
No chance of a redemption
(I’ve spoken to the Pope)
No point in me just hanging ‘round
When all I do is mope
I’ve a proposal for the devil
I think we might elope
I guess I’ll go and hang myself
Do I have sufficient rope?


11 thoughts on “Dang it! Let’s hang it.

  1. Oh dear. This reminds me of when I was in high school, and I kept making this awful joke. The adults in my life, the well-intentioned ones, would say, “Hang in there,” and I’d reply, “I’m hanging… myself, later on tonight.” [Facepalm.] That seems horrible now! 😀

    I love your poem, but I’m sorry that there was insufficient dope! Very regretful! 😀 I feel ya!


    1. A famous few lines from Australian music

      I’ve been contemplating suicide
      But it really doesn’t suit my style
      So I think I’ll just act bored instead
      And contain the blood I would’ve shed?
      She makes me feel so ill at ease
      My heart is really on it’s knees
      But I keep a poker face so well
      That even mother couldn’t tell

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  2. I’m feeling bleh. Waiting on CT scan results. Maybe some sufficient dope would help?? Sorry things are going toward a dark void, may light fund its way to you soon.


      1. Good luck! I hope your appointment goes well. My dukes are up and I’m ready to fight, that’s for sure! No flinching allowed. lol


  3. Do you have sufficient rope?
    Well actually nope
    Because hanging yourself means roping in others too
    Your family
    Your friends
    You think you can elope?
    Selfish you, leaving hearts broke
    How can they cope
    Without you? Nope!
    So while you’re in your choke
    Best to also get us rope
    That’s better than living with the pain you’re gone and us losing hope


    1. Goodness. How touching. Thank you.

      So lovely to say
      Ms T.J.
      So special to know that you’re there
      Supporting me still
      As I’m going downhill
      I did not even know you were there
      I’ll hold on to that rope
      As I slide down that slope
      I’ll only be down for a while
      Then I’ll climb up again
      I’ll be seeing you then
      If only to give you a smile

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  4. Nothing wrong with visiting the dark for a little while, it helps you see the light more clearly.

    Always make sure you have sufficient dope!😂

    Rope is probably caught up in the supply line problems… you might just have to keep living😉


    1. You’re probably right. It’s difficult to get quality goods these days and using some sort of sub-standard flimsy material could be disastrous. You feel nothing when these things go right, but you feel a complete fool when they go wrong.


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