Of course it’s all in my head, you idiot.

I find myself in a lot of discussions about mental health, depression, suicidal thoughts, and so on. I make no claim of expertise in the matter.

But Stoner via Katie brought up the idea of people saying (or just thinking) that ‘it’s all in your head’, and pointing (I think) to the fact that this must be about the most useless piece of psychiatric advise possible.

Well, of course it’s in my head, you moron. If you break your big toe do I reassure you with the message, “don’t worry, it’s all in your foot”?

“It’s all in my head, you say??? Thank Christ for that. I was worried that it might be in my bum somewhere.”

Anyway. Whatever. I’m just jotting something down for the sake of jotting something down. As usual.


I’m sorry that I’m needy
But I’m feelin’ kinda seedy
I think I might be better off in bed
You think I’m being lazy
But I’m going fucking crazy
And every day just fills me full of dread
I am taking all these pills
I don’t take them for the thrills
They’re to kill off all the demons in my head
I wish they’d go away
But I think they’re here to stay
So I think I might just kill myself instead.


6 thoughts on “Of course it’s all in my head, you idiot.

  1. Those demons in your head 
    I wish they were dead
    So that I can see the true you again 

    Don’t let them take over 
    Remember, you’re the owner
    Of your mind, your brain, this den

    So if those cocktails of pills aren’t working 
    And those demons are still lurking
    Then tell those squatters you’re here to stay 

    You must take charge 
    I know you’re in there Sarge
    It’s time for them to go away 

    They’re merely renting a place 
    And made your head their base
    But they’ve reached long ago their time span 

    You gotta be strict
    No pills, no doc can evict 
    As their landlord only YOU CAN 


  2. Poet Katie

    Great write, thanks for interacting with me. Sorry if I’ve been a bit quiet. Battling covid and chronic illnesses.


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