Chrissie on Rockwiz R.I.P.

William over at a1000mistakes challenged me to come up with my ‘Top 10’ duets from this Oz quiz show in response to his own Here I have struggled a bit due to the fact that 1. He took a lot of the best ones (Summer Wine, for example) 2. Some of them seem to be no longer available (What happened to Blue Christmas with Tex Perkins and Paris wells?) and 3. I’m a lousy researcher.

Nevertheless I add a ‘Top 8’ ….. more as an adjunct to his rather than a ‘mine are better than yours’ type of thing.

My own personal biases, no doubt, shine through.

To those of you (most of you) unfamiliar with the show I should mention that they are not supposed to be highly polished performances. They are done with a minimum amount of rehearsal and are, therefore, a bit raw in places. They are all performed by highly skilled and experienced artists who have a wealth of their own work to boast about, but they are all (obviously) cover versions.

I list my own 8 in no particular order.

Isabella Manfredi and Steve Cummins

Deb Conway and Tex Perkins

Dan Kelly and Martha Wainwright

Chris Cheney and Christie Amphlett

Kat Spazzy and Chris Bailey

Neesa Morgan and Ross Wilson

Jess Cornelius and Mike Rudd

Not really a duet but

Dog Trumpet and the Wolfgramm Sisters

I hate everything

And so, to wander further down this path of negativity that I find myself so frequently treading I repost a few lines that I penned last night for my mate, Stoner who was, at the time, feeling a bit black and expressing the same sentiments.

I was born
against my will
And yet I find
I’m living still
No feeling. Stealing
Depressed expression
from my pen
I pretend. I dance. I sing.
But fuck I hate you

No Title. They’re taking that from me too.

I came upon these challenging few words this morning via Deep Down at Godoggocafe and whilst trying to get my head around the concept of what Dad’s sins might actually taste like I borrowed a few words from it (and stole some likewise, unashamedly, from Shakespeare) and penned something which seems to be about my constant obsession with old age.

Silent exit

Forced retreat

From public life

Out on the street

No train to catch

No bag to pack

Baby, I ain’t

Welcome back

Fading light

A cold descent

A winter of my


So light the fires

Chill the beers

Down in the basement

Of my fears

A bit late to negotiate


Tales from the mind of Kristina word prompt – Negotiate


I know that this all sounds bizarre

But trust me baby, I’m not far

I got a call from Zanzibar

Then had some issues with the car


Volcanoes out on Molokai

Pouring rain in old Versailles

Was waiting for my pants to dry

And didn’t see the time go by


An email came from Timbuktu

Tell me, what was I to do?

A cry for help – someone I knew

I had to fly to Kathmandu


I left my suit in Baltimore

Another made in Singapore

All organised by now, I’m sure

Won’t keep you waiting anymore


Don’t let these mishaps seal my fate

Baby, I’m just running late

At the altar you must wait

And there we can negotiate

A silly response to Cyranny


Writing this in the hire car after returning from another flash visit to the US. Suffering from the depression that comes from a permanent dose of jet lag. Cyranny’s prompt struck a core.

Around the world I gallivant

Then home to you my confidante

Forgive me if I rave and rant

I am an angry little ant

For too long I rock and roll

Time zone changes take their toll

They’ve robbed me of my heart and soul

I’m falling deep into a hole

I did it all for me and you

But now I don’t know what to do

It’s left us both so sad and blue

The end is near, we know it’s true

Pretty Pictures

I like looking at photos. Perhaps, in the fading light, I can no longer see all the words, but an image still grabs my attention. I have, this very morning, set up an Instagram account (I don’t really know what to do with it, there’s no pictures on it yet, so don’t bother checking) and I was wondering who of you like-minded souls might have an account that I may follow ….. to look at your pretty pictures and maybe understand you better.

On the other hand, maybe WordPress is just as good as a platform for the same purpose. I don’t know. I don’t know much about anything else either, so I need all the advise I can get.