What Lingers Beneath

I wrote a brief response to the doggie people and realised, upon stumbling across it again (somebody actually liked it!) how poorly worked it was and thought, to feel a little less dumb, I should make some basic corrections.

It still doesn’t really work, but it is a post, and I’m struggling to post anything at all at present.


Fingers playing
Under the sheets
Minds entwined
Where love greets
Itself. With skin
Heartbeats within
Tap out a tune. That soon
Becomes a melody
For you and me
Perfectly matched
But have barely scratched
With those fingers
What lingers
Beneath the surface


5 thoughts on “What Lingers Beneath

  1. I love that! There was a movie I saw a long, long time ago called The Omen 3 (I think). It was about a man, Damien, who was evil. There’s this sex scene between him and a woman who’s not evil (if I recall), and it shows that one of them has totally scratched up the other one’s back. Like massive injuries. And I was like, hot damn, having sex with the devil! Wow. It seemed almost hot.


  2. But there’s nothing that lingers beneath the surface
    There’s nothing more
    Stop fooling yourself
    Just because beneath the sheets
    As one, our rhythm beats
    Doesn’t mean I’ll love you
    You’re just another to screw


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