Red Pyjamas

Another one for Sammi

For reasons which I would rather not explain I am incapable of words right now, and possibly forever. 38 are as many as I can muster. More than I can muster well.

What’s that ahead?

A girl in red pyjamas

Eyes of green

Thoughts within my shorts

Stumble clumsily obscene

Be black and white

Be mine tonight

Tomorrow start anew

Vacate my bed

Redress in red

Forever leave me blue





9 thoughts on “Red Pyjamas

      1. Americans spell is pajamas! I hate that! Pyjamas all the way!

        I also like the poem’s use of color!! You threw a lot of great colors in there!!


      2. If you want to write, I hope you’ll consider doing NYC Midnight’s short story! You might have a great story in you!! Think about it! Early bird deadline for entry is December 2nd to get the discount! I think!!


      3. I understand! In good news, round 1 has eight whole days. That always feels like about six days too many. Also, if you don’t enter, you can be on Team Meg, for sure. 🙂 Keep me posted!


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