It will be forever winter

I read something here that was very good and followed some rules that I didn’t understand, so I wrote something that’s not very good and doesn’t follow any rules in particular. Because I’m done with rules. I’m done with most things, actually.


Might I lay in slumber

Might I rot. Might I decay

Might I find this night

To be not followed by a day

To stop this haunting vision

You are gone. I know not where

Be it hell or be it heaven

I ask the Lord to take me there

That I might sleep through winter

Beneath these trees that splinter. Leaves that fall

And from a dream of summer memories

Never wake at all


17 thoughts on “It will be forever winter

  1. we obviously have differing views … so vaccinated don’t spread the germs, really! Please think what you’re saying and don’t just swallow the propaganda you’re being fed


    1. I’m not suggesting that vaccinated people don’t also spread the virus, but all the medical evidence seems to suggest that they do so to a far lesser degree (the ‘propaganda’ I’m being fed comes from qualified experts …. you know …. actual doctors working in the field).
      I agree that people should have choices – if you could rely upon them not to make absolutely idiotic ones, but it’s obvious that you can’t.
      Clearly you feel strongly about this, but so do I.

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      1. just take your local nightclub … I doubt a non-vaxxed person could get in the door and now its a super spreader! True coz some idiot didn’t stay isolated …


      2. black and white opinions don’t cut it with me … I guess the take home message should be that vaccination doesn’t mean immunity … to the covid strands or to stupid behaviour!

        Having worked in the health system for most of my life I know that if nursing staff and paramedics, our frontline pp, are refusing vax, then we should be asking why?

        And Working with infectious diseases most of that time our best safety mechanisms are mask, sanitisation and avoiding crowded places … the govt already admits the double vax is useless against this new strand.

        So I’m not for or against vax, I’m pleading with ppl to be safe, take your own precautions …


      1. life’s too short pops, can we shake hands and make up … ok ok I know you’d prefer to kiss and make up but I’d like to be respectful of Mrs R 🙂


  2. You make some interesting points, and I certainly can’t claim anything like your experience in the health industry.
    I would argue that my view is no more a ‘black and white opinion’ than is 2+2=4. But I agree that the fact than nursing staff are refusing the jab does warrant consideration. Would you say the balance is about 50/50 or swayed one way or the other? I do know quite a few doctors and a brief polling of that group comes out firmly (100%) in favour of vaccination.
    I’m fairly certain that the government have not even vaguely suggested that the double vax is useless against the new strand. Where did you hear this????


    1. But I agree with you that sensible practices such as masks, social distancing and appropriate isolation are a vital personal responsibility. I would only add that each of us should seek advice from the most highly qualified medical practitioner we can find – and follow that advise.

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      1. One wonders if this “debate” would have taken on such a life of its own had the virus been recognized for what it is/was at the very beginning … and appropriate precautions had been encouraged/promoted.


      2. Sadly, Nan, I think that the seriousness of the virus WAS recognised fairly early on, but certain powers chose to massage the facts for their own gain, and continue to do so.


      3. Well … that’s sorta’ what I meant. 😁 I just went around the horn a bit too widely.

        In any event. I agree with the precautions you mentioned — even though I’m getting REALLY tired of masks and staying home!


  3. I apologize, RR, for only just responding to this excellent response to Jules’ poem (and seeing the political comments… ha!)

    I love this poem. Thank you for penning it.


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