Just a Drop in Your Ocean

I stumbled upon an academic discussion regarding erotic poetry here and an open invitation to create some. Despite my well documented policy of avoiding anything that might be deemed ‘even slightly ‘naughty’ I stepped briefly out of my comfort zone and attempted a few suggestive lines.

The lines themselves fell mostly flat, as do most of my lines (‘do you come here often?’), but I reproduce them by way of encouraging others to be more creative and maybe a little bit flirtatious.


You are my ocean to explore

A mystery of blue

I steer my ship from left to right

To touch all sides of you

I pause upon each wave, each crest

To take in every view

Navigating every inch

Each port explored anew

I’m yearning, burning, turning on

I’m learning still, that’s true

As long as I don’t turn you off

Then any turn will do


There was also an invitation to explore the not so subtle difference between erotica and good old-fashioned debauchery. So I offer the following ….


Erotica, that gentle touch

That subtle hint of blue

A secret glance, a private dance

A passing chance, with you

A single feather on your skin

I sense your heart rate quicken

But then I go and fuck it up

By using the whole chicken


33 thoughts on “Just a Drop in Your Ocean

  1. sanaarizvi

    ….. ❤️❤️ This is absolutely marvelous! I love the gentle pacing in the first poem especially the image; “Each port explored anew I’m yearning, burning, turning on/I’m learning still, that’s true.” And gosh you are the only one who has explored the question and might I say you have answered brilliantly! Thank you so much for writing to the prompt. You made my day 😀


  2. Nice to meet you at dVerse Richmond. I really like the first one..the learning, the desire to please, using the ship and the ocean as a metaphor.

    As to the second one, you made me smile with the last one. Erotica for me is gentle and subtle.


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