Another response to Cyranny

I’m tired, so that’s what the tee-shirt photo is all about. I just thought you should know.

But it has suddenly occurred to me that some of Cyranny’s posts like this one here might be just a teeny-weeny bit sexually suggestive. Perhaps not. I could be reading far too much into them. Being of pure mind and spirit myself, though, I wanted to make it clear that any responses on my part, to her, were intended to be in no such way suggestive (Are you listening Kate?)

Here is a recent response. You can judge for yourself.

Let me touch you in places

That we’ve never been

Let me leave little traces

On what can’t be seen

Let more than my finger

Linger long in your mind

Let us look deep inside you

And see what we find

Let me study you closely

Every line on your map

Let the touch of our thought

Find you caught in a trap

Let me in. Let me hold you

Enfold you with care

Let me be what you see

When there’s no one else there

Is it just my mind? Or is the rudest word in there, somehow, ‘finger’?

2 thoughts on “Another response to Cyranny

  1. Rude gestures usually involve a single finger. But a single finger can also wipe away a tear, lightly touch a simple from a smile, or even be used to make an unbreakable promise (pinky swear)😉

    It’s a lovely poem. More care and romance than sexual, to my reading anyway🤷🏼‍♀️

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