A Girl’s Guide to the Bleeding Obvious.

**** I’ve got no idea what the picture is about. But the title appealed ***

It does seem to have been a day for innuendoes (that’s a type of exotic fruit, for those who were wondering – ‘could I have two melons, a banana and a bunch of innuendoes, please?’) and I had a brief discussion with Stella about her poem in which she suggested that she needed instructions on how men worked and how to handle them and wondered if there might be some instruction booklet out there.

I believed her claims of ignorance on the subject for maybe 37 seconds, of course, but, ever the gentlemen, I offered the advise that such a booklet, if it existed, would be very brief because, really, there isn’t much to know. This is what I said ….

There are no instructions
You won’t need a book
Just take a test drive
Or come by for a look
Pick up the scent
Follow a map
Slip on the step
And fall into my trap

Alternatively, I could furnish you with a step by step guide. But there’s very few steps involved, to be honest.

But she insisted further that a step by step guide would be helpful, so I read the whole manual out loud to her as follows

Are you ready for the lesson
Ready to be taught?
Ready now to do some stuff
You never thought you aught?
Pay attention carefully
Let me take the lead
I’ll tell you what I had in mind
And tell you what you need
Concentrate, my little mate
I’ll show you what to do
Here’s step one – let’s have some fun
There’s really no step two

6 thoughts on “A Girl’s Guide to the Bleeding Obvious.

  1. The picture shows three different kinds of cactuses and/or succulents (or Cacti if you’re being picky about it) and I would guess that ‘handle with extreme care’ might be the theme attached.
    Know your plants, and know which ones to grab and which ones to admire from a safe distance. Oh, I could go on and on but that should do it.

    You’re right, there is no
    extra step,
    but step one is a doozy,
    and if you miss your footing,
    you’ll not get another chance.


  2. Ohh! I ought to name this weekend’s novella the same as your blog post’s name!! 😀 Great minds think alike!

    A guide to how men work? HA HA! it is pretty obvious. They think with their… you know.


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