I attach the following without comment and without even the supply of the author’s name (I’m not sure that I have his permission to do so, to be honest), but rather just to gauge people’s views on it as a piece of art (the poetry, not the picture – although I didn’t seek permission to use that either).

How does it sit with everybody?


Sunlight through a filter

Of leaves

On my knees, as one

Who believes

In love

Manna from above

Falling again

As rain

Creating sweet rivers

Of tears

Calling, calling

To what no-one sees

Or hears

In the forest.

The falling of trees


11 thoughts on “Poetry?

  1. When we teach poetry to students, we say that a defining feature of poems is that they use language in ways we otherwise wouldn’t. So this poem would be considered a poem yes, with its rhythm, some rhyme, sentence structure that isn’t grammatically correct elsewhere etc. How wonderful this poem is though, would be debatable, like all poems.


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