Love in the Nursing Home

Kate investigated this topic, so I ran with it. She insisted that I clean up some of the more suggestive bits ….

You should probably read hers first to get things in context.


For Albert and Beth

It was love at first touch

They both loved the feel of each other

So much

For Charlie and Deb

It was love at first kiss

The touching of lips

They thought absolute bliss

But Eric and Fran

Loved just having a chat

They talked about this

But no further than that

But Gladys and Henry

Didn’t talk much at all

They loved to watch movies

Bogart and Bacall

For Irene and Jane

It was just holding hands

They cherished the love

That so few understand

Keith and Lucinda

It was games. It was fun

They never remembered

Who lost and who won


But for Mike and Noelene

It was all about sex

At night when the nurses

Had finished their checks

And then in the morning

Back in their clothes

They love that they’ve done it

And nobody knows

11 thoughts on “Love in the Nursing Home

  1. oh that one made me tear up a bit. er. maybe a lot.

    Love is so many things, different for every couple (or group), always important, and maybe moreso when you get really old and your family forgets you, or you outlive them all (as it seems I am in danger of doing even now), and suddenly there is someone you can lean into, once again.


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