Little Lies

I may have posted something with the same title before, which says a bit about me I suppose. And certainly I am guilty again with an act of regifting – sort of.

I posted this little jingle in response to Cyranny, here, who wrote something far more sweet and charming on the issue.


A small mistruth

The other night

I wasn’t where

You thought I might

Be misbehaving

Not quite right

Out of mind

And out of sight

A little fib

A little sin

Touching someone

Else’s skin

Breathing someone

Else’s breath

Sharing someone’s

Little death

Just being someone

Else’s fun

Not being someone

Else’s One

For it won’t last

Till death

We part

Not touching someone

Else’s heart

Yes, I can lie

You know that’s true

And I will lie

To lie with you

3 thoughts on “Little Lies

  1. you has a way with words, never doubt that. This is sad, and profound, and direct, all at the same time. And those last four lines will stay with me a very long time. =)


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