It always starts with a first time.

And now for today’s cheerful topic.

Domestic violence.

This inspiration came from Zeina, Here, but she wasn’t talking specifically about domestic violence, just about bullying (isn’t that sort of the same?) So, it’s not her fault. Or mine, I hasten to add. But maybe it’s everyone’s fault if we don’t speak up about it.

So I am.


Hardly felt. The first time

Dealt this bitter pill

Still. The worst time

Without it, there would never have been


Nor time to recover

For another. Unseen

This line between


The fuss

At night. This fight

That nobody won

Nobody right

Everything wrong

Do I belong?

Far from the light. Far from the sun

Hidden in this dark space

No trace

Of the love that led me here

No choice. No voice

That says no

Only the fear

That keeps it so


9 thoughts on “It always starts with a first time.

  1. this. just this.

    I came very close, but the first time he playfully gave me a light tap on the cheek, I looked at him and said, ‘never do that again”, and he looked scared and contrite all at once, and he said, “I won’t.”
    He never has. 52 years later, and he never has.

    Those first five lines were mine. Thank you for getting it.


    1. I can assure you that Mrs Richmond wouldn’t accept even a hint of it (and nor would I), but she is a strong minded woman and I am not shrinking violet either, but for others it is not so easy.


    1. Yes. It is genuinely such a foreign idea to me. Whenever I hear such things I say to myself, ‘I don’t know anybody who would do such a thing’, but the truth is that I probably do, but am just not aware of it.

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