Do you miss me?

I haven’t been paying a lot of attention lately. To anything.

But I stumbled across a little poem here whilst wandering about meaninglessly and thought I’d post one in response. It’s supposed to be sort of sad, reflecting my mood. But, as usual, it comes out sort of silly.

Do you miss me

Now and then

In memories

Of way back when?

We lay together

Touched the sky

Then drifted somewhere

By and by

Until that day

Did we lose sight?

Succumb to darkness

In that night?

Do you still miss me

When you sleep?

Do visions of me

Gently creep

Into your dreams?

Into your head

Beneath the sheets

Upon your bed

Or do you dream

Of someone new?

Do you miss me?

I miss you.

9 thoughts on “Do you miss me?

  1. not silly, and it says so much about the way the net joins us and separates us at the same time. Someone you connect with suddenly no longer answers their email, and you think, o dear. Where are they?
    And you never hear from them again, always wondering why.
    This is a perfect poem.


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