Silly Verse for Kids … Bald Eskimos

This is a continuation on my observations regarding our tendency to obsess about our hair. I observed that Australian men, when viewed from the northern hemisphere appear to be standing upside down, and therefore their hair falls out as function of gravity. It was pointed out (unsurprising) by Meg that there is, in fact, no shortage of bald men in America.

I wondered then if it might have something to do with the magnetic effect of the poles, in which case men from equatorial and tropical regions should be quite hirsute (I think that there may be evidence supporting that) whilst Eskimos should be bald (not so much evidence).

It’s a very silly theory, I know. I have lots of them. And it prompted a few silly lines of verse.


Eskimos they all wear hats

There’s nothing under there

They eat a healthy diet

But don’t have any hair

The wearing of the headpiece shows

How much they really care

That they can never be as hairy

As a scary polar bear


P.S. Before you women start jumping up and down pointing to your attractive manes ….

there is more iron in the male diet (everybody knows that) making our hair more magnetic and therefore more susceptible to the polar magnetic follicle effect.

6 thoughts on “Silly Verse for Kids … Bald Eskimos

    1. Yes, yes … I know.
      Migration. In. Out. North. South.
      Crossing International borders without permission. Without a visa. Not even a passport. Certainly without my consent, anyway.

      Could it be some sort of pandemic originating in a clandestine Siberian laboratory designed not only to rob men of their confidence and perceived virility but also of their natural protection from the harmful rays of the sun? Could this be a way of women accelerating the inevitable reality of male obsolescence? Is this the great feminist plot?

      Yeah? Well don’t expect us to go down without a fight.

      And don’t expect any flowers next Christmas.

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