Don’t look back.

In my continuing series of completely unoriginal ideas I offer the following. The inspiration comes, once again, from Stella, who speaks of a yearning for the past. And who of us do not have such yearnings, at least occasionally?

Personally I am constantly haunted by a strong desire to return to my time as a schoolboy during which I was an arrogant, self absorbed, thoughtless, reckless young dickhead. I find life as an arrogant, self absorbed, thoughtless, reckless old dickhead so much less satisfying.

But it seems that science is unlikely to unlock the secrets of backward time travel in my lifetime (forward time travel has been mastered – I’m rocketing in that direction at a terrifying rate) so I may have to concede that those halcyon days of my youth are gone forever ….

But I digress. Below is my uninspiring response to Stella.


It’s Tuesday

And the sun will say

That no longer is it


It will not listen

To my sorrow

There will be time for that


Today will be

As it will be

It will not change its plans

For me

For soon I will be dead

And rotten

All my yesterdays



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