I almost forgot.

I now have 2 entries in the NYC Midnight competitions awaiting judgement. The second round of the Flash Fiction Competition was some time ago and I had almost forgotten about it but, in the interests of honesty and self reporting, I do so here.

I should point out, lest anyone think ‘second round’ implies success in the ‘first round’ that, in this particular contest, it is impossible not to get to the second round. After round one I am placed equal last, so round three will not be happening.

In this instance the prompt was Drama/An Archery Range/A Diamond Ring.

The Arc of an Arrow

23 thoughts on “I almost forgot.

      1. twelve months ago I contributed to a writing comp where the judges told why these pieces won … that’s when I realised how fallible the system was and have no intention of contributing this year. A few were well deserved winners, others were far more arbitrary ….

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      1. Anyway … today is cooking day. I hope I score some points for that.
        By coincidence, I was just relating some old lyrics to someone else which went …

        ‘In my big red cape
And my silver socks
I’ll boogie woogie
And this house will rock
You’ll rock with me
But you’ll never touch the floor
I’ll wear you out
But you’ll still crave for more
I’ll teach you things
That you can’t read in books
I may be ugly

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  1. In the flash fiction competitions everyone competes on the first 2 rounds and the highest aggregate scores in each group go through to the third round.

    Had a massive dinner last night – so cooking is over. Today is for cleaning up


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