Coffee for one

More of me spinning ofF the ideas of others. This time from Nayara Nair who(I think) is alluding to a little dissatisfaction in relationships (not hers, I am sure) and painting, for me, a picture of two familiar strangers looking over the table at breakfast.


I don’t care much for coffee
Does coffee care for me?
My cup is always empty
Is that how it should be?
We sit here at the table
At night we share a bed
Your ring upon my finger
But are we really wed?
You ask me how I’m feeling
I say I’m feeling fine
But I don’t care much for coffee
I’m in the mood for wine


10 thoughts on “Coffee for one

  1. Oh, I like that! Pass the wine! I’ve never been able to adjust to the taste of coffee. I’m more likely to swallow a caffeine pill (or, better yet, just sleep late). Great poem–once again, your endings always have a surprise!!

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