My Eternal Commitment. For a week or so.

My lead comes from Cyranny (again). She speaks of a love that endures for eternity and beyond. I speak of one that might not go quite that far.

But she really does bring out the true romantic in me, don’t you think?


I like your look

I like your style

I think I’ll love you

For a while

I’ll hold you gently

Love you fast

For however long

It lasts

But know the truth

Please know our fate

All good things

Have a use-by date

But just for now

I can pretend

That this affair

Will never end

I’ll keep you cosy

Keep you hot

I’ll keep you for this long

Or not

Let’s do it now

Before it’s cold

Let’s love

Before we get too old

A week? A month?

I can’t be clear

I might still love you

All next year

To fall in love

Is that a crime?

But eternity?

That’s quite some time…..

20 thoughts on “My Eternal Commitment. For a week or so.

  1. HA HA! Wow, that perfectly captures it! Love the poem, but I want to know more, like if the novelty is wearing off or if the masks are coming off!! Give the reader some reason(s) why eternity is too long!! 😮


      1. amazing how time stretches and shrinks at the same time. 50 years, and you blink, and it seems like a week ago. Blink, and it’s creeping up on 60. 51 here, and I do not know how it got here so fast.


      2. She says she sticks with me because I am so unbelievably good in bed. Or because I make such a great cup of tea. One or the other. I can’t remember.

        Is there much of a difference, in the end?

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