I will soon be rotten

I’m sitting alone in a restaurant in Santiago, Chile. Today I wandered down to the Museum of Visual Art and pondered the unknowable for an hour or so. And then I walked through the park and looked at all the pretty young people sunning themselves on the lawn amongst the shadows of the trees and of the monuments.

High above the snow is still on the mountains but the river is raging with that which has already surrendered to the heat.

A moment ago my new pal Meg reminded me of the ravages of age. I felt suddenly thankful for the life that I have had and was reminded also of a quote from Henry Miller …

which goes something like this

I am so thoroughly healthy and empty. No dreams, no desires. I am like the luscious deceptive fruit which hangs on the Californian trees. One more ray of sun and I will be rotten

9 thoughts on “I will soon be rotten

  1. Oh my! I promise I’ll never post about aging again! I’m sorry my post upset you! I’ll post of other, happier things! 🙂

    Come, now. If you were really old and decrepit, would you be taking Chile by storm?


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