Anyone for a skinny dip?

I notice that my rugby friend was recently invaded by an uninvited nudist Here. And then she published a picture of a vacant swimming pool Here

Does she know how my mind works?

Will she forgive me?


Goodness gracious

Ain’t that cool?

There’s no-one at

The swimming pool

No one here

To steal our sun

No one here

To see our fun

No one here to point

And stare

So who will notice

What we wear?

Just me and you

Just you and me




The sky above


Secret love

Don’t think me naughty

Think me rude

Let’s take a dip

Let’s do it nude

13 thoughts on “Anyone for a skinny dip?

  1. Woo hoo!!

    At my granny’s house, she had a fishing pond on her property. My mom drove me out there once when I was a kid. Apparently, my aunt (for whatever reasons) was hanging out there in the nude, so when we drove up, we heard a big splash as she dove in to protect her modesty. I still don’t know what she was up to, but eventually she had to come out due to the snapping turtles, so my mom handed her a towel.


  2. Cheryl Wood

    That is fun, at least I think it would be. Had a backyard pool in TX. But this wasn’t fun, A naked woman in a pornographic pose. Nudityis one thing. This was sickening.


    1. Jeeez … maybe. I didn’t look at it all that closely, to be honest.

      But isn’t that the message? Don’t look too closely … don’t take things too seriously all the time … every now and then just take a plunge.

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