Little Dreams

And here I go again.

Continuing the habit (is it a bad habit? I’m not sure) of stealing other people’s ideas and tinkering with them a little to make them sound like my own …. I do so again, this time taking the lead from Stella who writes (I think) of hunger and imagination.

Just a whisper

Just a word

These little bits of you

I’ve heard

Your little hint

Of perfume sweet

A glimpse of lace

Or satin sheet

My little thoughts

Of you in sight

Just little dreams

Of you at night

Sipping on

Your special brew

And tasting

Little bits of you

11 thoughts on “Little Dreams

  1. Amazing as always and probably my favorite in a long list of my favorites of yours! So impressed with your writing and honored that you included me on your blog!! Thank you so much.


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