Alaska Update

Bear survival techniques have thus far proven successful. Speaking to them (politely but firmly) seems to do the trick.

Killer Whales (Orcas) seem, on the other hand, to be completely disinterested in idle chit chat. We spent a few hours this morning thinking that we were chasing them but we were, in reality, just keeping out of their way.

Majestic creatures.

18 thoughts on “Alaska Update

    1. All in all it has been kind to me. But I can understand that your perspective may be quite different. I’m heading to a wedding now – which may be very interesting for reasons of cultural differences ….


    1. Oh yes. A very different perspective to be had from being in their backyard rather than them being in ours. I have spent a lot of time on, or in, the water, but it never fails to provide me with a feeling of serenity and humility.

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  1. Then again, I wonder if the whales even notice such puny little things as boats, and what would happen if one of them (cartoon style) just decided to sound just below where you are (or in that case, were).

    it still must be an amazing feeling to be that near those miraculous creatures. Im addicted too,


  2. I think someday we will discover, to our chagrin and sorrow, that octopi, whales, and squid are smarter than we are, by half. I hope we find that out before they’re gone.


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