More of the same. Still no bear attacks.

OK. So ….. people have let me know that this bear threat is very real. So I have been doing some research via the signs that I am seeing more and more of on the paths that I tread. Apparently it is important to let the bear know that I am human. Bears take issue, it would seem, with visitors from other galaxies. Fair enough. Me too.

Apparently I should talk ‘normally’ to the bear. That is not a problem to me, of course. These are American bears that I am dealing with, and they are comfortable with English. But I saw some Japanese people earlier this morning and I am very worried that their lack of conversational expertise with bears may be, potentially, life threatening.

Anyway ….. I climbed Mt Roberts today. It was an act of utter insanity. I may be crippled for life, as a result

But, up the top, the view was special.

8 thoughts on “More of the same. Still no bear attacks.

  1. Beautiful view! It looks like the sun was trying to peek out from the clouds. Be careful of those bears. They may be American bears but Sarah Palin, now the Orange Idiot…Maybe just repeat “fake news” a bunch of times?😃 I’m enjoying tagging along and having a virtual trip through Alaska. Thank you.


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