Haines (Alaska) and Bears

A made a visit to Haines today, folks. I’m really not much of a photographer … but I do like going for a walk now and again. And I took a couple of snaps. Please let me know if they bore you.

During my walk I came across a few warnings about bears – ‘you are in bear country’, one of them said. Since becoming aware of this advice Mrs Richmond has been checking behind every tree.

I am aware that visitors to Australia assume that they will be eaten by crocodiles, snakes, spiders, sharks and kangaroos the minute they step out of the city. Which is laughable, of course. Should I be laughing now? Is there an Alaskan out there who can give me some perspective in terms of the actual bear threat?

8 thoughts on “Haines (Alaska) and Bears

  1. The pictures are lovely, not boring at all. I’m getting to travel vicariously to Alaska along with you. My thought when I saw all the buildings painted white was “How can they find them in the snow?”
    I’ve never been in bear country. I think you’ll probably be okay if you stay near other people and don’t wander off into the woods alone with a full picnic basket.

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  2. Yes, yes and yes! My granddaughter just returned from a trip in Colorado. She was supervising other college girls inside a cabin and bears came around every night. Do not carry anything that smells such as food, sunscreen, lotion, etc with you. They are attracted to it. Bears are being pushed nearer and nearer to populated areas. Take the warnings seriously. They are larger and faster and more aware than you could imagine. Stay safe! Photos are gorgeous!


  3. Yikes! Watch out for bears! Run, run!

    And yes indeed, I’ve never seen more boring photos! πŸ˜› Please take more boring photos!!

    So… really? Visiting Australia doesn’t go hand-in-hand with being attacked by a kangaroo? [Shakes head at myself.] Huh.

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  4. Boring! Not in a million years. It has made me want to go to Alaska now. About the bears, I wonder if they are the mauling killing kind or just the kindly teddy bear kind LOL. Surely the snakes, spiders and great whites are more scary in this part of the world!


  5. nice photos, although the overcast bothers me a little (I’m having a hate relationship with weather right now).

    Too bad I don’t live close by, otherwise, I would put on a bear costume and go hunting for you.
    If you see one, don’t fret. They are very soft and cuddly.

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