Girls like girls

This topic popped into my feed from braveandreckless so I jotted a few heartfelt thoughts down in response.

As always, there is a risk that my contribution may come across as trite, but may I assure you all that it is, in no way, intended as disrespectful.

I will stop short of suggesting my effort is suitable for serious publication other than right here …. but I would encourage others to shoot something off to Christine at the Cafe in order to properly celebrate the reality of liberation and joy.

Girls like girls

just look at them talk

Girls like girls

just look at them walk

Girls like girls

so, Girl … go and get her

Girls like girls

‘cause they smell so much better

Girls are prettier

don’t you know?

Girls are superior

from head to toe

Girls are cleverer

just like your mother

So it’s no surprise

that girls like each other

Girls like girls

It’s a matter of taste

Girls like girls

and they’ve no time to waste

Girls are good company

Boys are such bores

Girls sometimes argue

But girls don’t start wars

Girls like girls

as someone to wed

Girls like girls

‘cause they’re better in bed

Girls like girls

I don’t want to be rude

But girls like girls

‘cause they look better nude

11 thoughts on “Girls like girls

    1. Oh dear … I feel a bit guilty about this one. It took all of 5 minutes to write and I don’t really think it expressed the sentiments that the original post was trying to entice.

      The fact is that I really do celebrate the idea that we are moving into a world where we don’t differentiate between the way we, or others, may choose to express physical love.

      It’s a nice planet, sometimes.

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  1. Haha! I like this.
    You like girls too
    so it’s easy for you to say.
    But I could easily see
    why men like men too!
    In my opinion
    men look way better nude
    and I’d much rather
    hug a strong hard man
    than I soft woman.
    Haha I once wrote about kissing a woman. I’ll repost!


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