Fifty Shades of Dull

I have no issue with erotica. I am all for it, in fact. But the success of E.L. James I find to be inexplicable. So I thought I should have a go, from a slightly different angle – in the hope of becoming an overnight millionaire.

Actually I may have posted this silly poem before, in a slightly different form. I doubt that anyone would remember it but I would be awfully impressed by anyone who did …

Heads you win

Tails I lose

That’s the outcome

That we choose

Please tell me, Madam

Of your plans

Now that my life

Is in your hands

This slave to love

Can you not see?

Is your


My hands are tied

I will not move

So what do I

Have left to prove?

The light is fading

Shades of grey

What do I

Have left to say?

I’m suffocating

Out of breath

So give to you

This little death.

16 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Dull

  1. Beautiful poem, Richmond, not silly at all. You are a very talented poet. I like the different angle you took on this issue of lust, sex and love showing the dark side of it. Well done!


  2. I actually think I remember reading a similar one a few months back. But maybe it’s just the power of your suggestion.
    It had a nice flow. Unfortunately, it did not rile me up.


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