Apparently I am not all that good looking.

I saw something from supernaturalsnark suggesting that you don’t have to look like someone you find very attractive to be incredibly attractive yourself. I may be slightly overstating what she said, in fact. But that’s not the point.

I am wondering how much you need to look like someone your lover finds incredibly attractive to look very attractive yourself. Not very much, I am hoping.

Because it was only last night, as I was watching the cricket, that the current Mrs Richmond leaned over my shoulder and said, “you know …. I could really do that guy”. She wasn’t talking about one of the players. She was talking about the commentator.

His name is Brendon Julian. He’s seems a nice enough sort of chap.

He used to be a cricketer, but he’s not anymore. I used to be a cricketer. I’m not anymore, either. He really wasn’t all that good. Neither was I.

So far, then … there’s nothing in it. He and I are virtually identical.

All right. I admit it. Statistically speaking he was better than me. Quite a bit better, perhaps.

But I don’t think Mrs Richmond cares much about cricket. I think she was thinking of something else.

Should I be concerned?

22 thoughts on “Apparently I am not all that good looking.

    1. Well … I should have known better than to expect comfort, at this difficult time, from you.
      He had a half-reasonable out swinger, I’ll admit that …. possibly even better than mine. But I can’t help thinking that, like Mrs Richmond, you are not all that interested in cricket, either.
      But don’t get any ideas. She will tear your eyes out if you try to get between her and Brendon.


      1. but does he cook and entertain like you?
        will he jet set around the world or stay faithfully by her side … there are a lot of issues to be considered!


      2. He does get around a bit … I think he also works for one of those travel shows. No details are currently available in regard to his culinary skills but let’s just assume that he can’t boil an egg.

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  1. Im not entirely sure what a ‘half-reasonable out swinger” is but will assume for the moment it’s one of those mysterious guy-sport terms. O, please, let it be so…(trying not to visualize anything else)

    Beyond that, from a woman’s POV he’s really adorable. i have a few myself that I like to observe from behind the safety of a computer screen, (never MIND who) but I would say, at this stage, that Mrs. Richmond is paying you a vast compliment in the trust department by even mentioning it. If she meant it, you’d never know.


    1. Ha ha! That’s very perceptive of you. Fortunately she is not a great student of the game and seems willing to accept that there’s not too much between out swingers (I suddenly realised how that term might come across as a bit risqué for non-cricketing people).
      To be honest – it would be a lot easier to tolerate his undeniable good looks if it weren’t for the fact that he comes across as such a genuinely nice guy.

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      1. 😀 No, really, this guy was pathologically self-absorbed. It was to the point that I couldn’t get a word in. He went on and on about himself so much that spittle formed at the corners of his mouth.


    1. Oh my gosh, that is so true!! I’ve encountered so many pretty boys like the one photographed who are self-absorbed twits! They sit around lamenting the time in Kindergarten when they fell and scraped their knee. I’m sick of it!!

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      1. I think it was in Kindergarten that I really hit my peak. I distinctly recall one of the teachers (or it might have been somebody else’s mother) describing me as ‘cute’. Things have been a bit lean since then but I am noticing, in my doddering old age, an increasing number of attractive young females referring to me as ‘sweetie’, ‘pet’ or sometimes even ‘darling’. Others address me as ‘Sir’, which might be a bit kinky, I suppose, but I am willing to run with it as long as they are not expecting anything that may border on athletic.
        Whatever the case I am sensing the possibility of a return to those halcyon days that I experienced as a 4 year-old.

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      2. Oh my gosh! Sweetie, pet, darling?! AARGH!! That is SO patronizing! I never call anyone that sort of stuff! Who does that?! 😀

        (And yeah, sir’s kind of kinky, especially if you add good or kind in front of it.)


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