John Safron

I was reading a few things from Linda’s one liner Wednesday and wondering if I could come up with something clever that someone had said recently to contribute. I couldn’t.

But I was reminded of something I heard John Safron say (John is an Australian documentary maker) about a time that he was covering some extremist gatherings that were happening in Melbourne.

He was seated in a cafe across the road from parliament (those of you from Australia probably know exactly the spot I mean) having a coffee. The waitress was rearranging the tables in preparation for the lunchtime rush and he asked her,

“When does the race war start?”

She looked up from her work, thought about the question for a moment, and answered casually,

“Oh, sometime around midday, I guess.”

For anybody interested, here’s a short piece that he wrote about it.

Fear and Loathing in Suburban Melbourne

4 thoughts on “John Safron

  1. I wouldn’t have a clue where you mean … I thought only grubby public servants went to Canberra! Honestly who else in their right mind would venture there … but will read your link, sounds interesting 🙂


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