A Question from a Narcissist

Daily Prompt…. Narcissism



I know that you all love me true
I must admit, I love me too
But at the reading of my will
I wonder if you’ll love me still

Will you see inside the hearse
The centre of your universe?
Life’s meaning for me so unclear
If life goes on when I’m not here

The morning after my demise
I wonder, will the sun still rise?
When I’m done and dusted, dead and gone
I ponder, how will life go on?

Just how vital will I be
When robbed of my vitality?
I’m asking, how will you behave?
Will there be dancing on my grave?

Lying, dying in my pain
In horror that I’ve been so vain
A question from this narcissist
When I’m gone, will I be missed?



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