Shut the door as you leave, Harvey.

Sitting in a hotel lobby (and really tempted to say ‘an’ hotel lobby to show what a dinosaur I am) without any sleep and really a bit fed up with this long life for a selfish moment.

Wading through WordPress posts from nicer people than me hoping to get a little glimpse of sunlight. And then reading a post from Lou which instead goes down a dark alley and leaves me with an urge to write something called ‘Sex and Vomit’, but fingers just freezing in the hover over the keyboard. I cannot, for the time being, do justice to the project.

But I can feel, not for the first time, a guilt about being male.

Not surprising then, that something shallow about Mr Weinstein should find its way onto the page.

I’m a man about town

Out and about

I feed like a beast

On your fear and self-doubt

What insecurity

Will you reveal

When I open your vault

And we close the deal

Over your fences

Under your skin

I’m not playing games

But I’m playing to win

Not seeking approval

Not seeking consent

Nothing has meaning

So nothing is meant.

13 thoughts on “Shut the door as you leave, Harvey.

  1. ‘an’ hotel
    Know where this came from? From 19c Victorian elite, who dropped ‘h’ from one word – hotel, and then, of course, used the ‘an’ to precede it; and because every shlub wants to sound like an elite, upper-class twit, it slid in and became part of the language.
    I refuse to use it for this reason alone. Elitism, in all its forms (including the HW form) should be [think of a cruel and evil punishment that lasts a lifetime].


      1. You don’t ‘believe’ in violence? I’m sad to have to tell you that it does really happen …..
        But anyway, that’s not violence, it’s just sharks having lunch. And he’s had lunch with lots of sharks in the past. So what’s the big deal?


  2. I think Harvey Weinstein is disgusting, but he’s been a victim of his own success at the end of the day. He’s a pig, but I wish that the people would look at this situation and think ‘Hey, let’s stop idolising these people!’. Maybe then the first victim will have the strength to comes forward, ensuring they’re the first and last.


    1. I was not aware of anyone ‘idolising’ him, to be honest. Certainly no-one does now. But he enjoyed a certain level of power which he chose to abuse. Clearly he was not the first to do so in such a manner, and highly unlikely to be the last.

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