My Fingers through your Hair

Don’t blame me. These words were in the prompt


My fingers through your hair, your curl
Don’t spill your drink my precious girl
You feel my touch, you spin, you scream
You wonder of my thoughts, obscene
I plant a kiss upon your lip
You’re sticky darling, I won’t slip
Let’s laugh about it and be seen
Between us there should be no screen
Excuse me whilst I make a pass
Forgive me for my lack of class
Amuse me whilst I lift your skirt
Trust me sweetheart, this won’t hurt.

18 thoughts on “My Fingers through your Hair

      1. Holy smoke …. your timing is not perfect. Just got off an aeroplane from Africa and have to get on another one to the US tomorrow. I’ll be back in OZ by Tuesday. Will that be too late?

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      2. A link? I think it may be me…The details are: post a quote in three consecutive days and tag three new bloggers each day. Also thank the person who tagged you. That’s all there is to it. 3 Days, 3 Quotes, 3 Tags challenge.


      3. I hope you don’t mind, but I have altered the rules of your challenge just a little. I have tagged no-one. I’m just a little uncomfortable with that concept for reasons which would probably seem ludicrous to you. But I hope I have maintained the spirit of the idea.

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      4. No problem. I understand completely. It’s a fun challenge, and I also broke the rules. These challenges, except for the specific word counts, I think are fun, and put out to us as such.


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