Going with the Tide’’


A Daily Post Prompt – Tide

I feel your presence by my side
Upon the turning of the tide
Tired feet upon the sand
We stand and watch it hand in hand
Nature’s slow brutality
The endless pull of gravity
The wind no longer at our back
We cannot hold the torrent back

At setting sun, the waves advance
An ancient tune, the final dance
The curtain falling, calling time
Upon our lonely pantomime
The current has its final say
And in its arms floats us away
Fading memories, fading light
We drift together into night.

21 thoughts on “Going with the Tide’’

      1. dad was educated by the tykes so our sex education was experiential and we learnt all about peep shows, don’t try and wiggle out of this one!


      2. I’m leaving this alone. I really don’t want the police bashing on my door in the middle of the night with a polite request to ‘assist with their investigation’.


      3. I’d really like to sort all this past stuff up, but I’m a bit upset right now, Kate. The Waratahs just lost. If you had been born with a different set of chromosomes you might understand that and be a little more supportive


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