Heart upon my Sleeve



another trite take on a Prompt. I actually wrote it as a response to my pal The Bag Lady but decided to give it some air of its own.


From the day she chose to leave
I’ve worn my heart upon my sleeve
Parading round the neighbourhood
Pretending it was looking good
I have no place for it inside
Have nowhere for it to hide
I bare my soul for all to see
Pleading for some sympathy

When first responding to the shock
I kept my heart wrapped in a sock
Then thinking that it must be dead
Left it underneath the bed
But then one night I heard its beats
So cuddled it beneath the sheets
And after it had had its way
I took it out into the day


So take my heart, it’s yours to steal
It’s genuine. It’s bloody real.
It does not function all alone
It needs to find a happy home
Perhaps these days it’s not the same
From being left out in the rain
I think for its protection that
I should keep it in my hat.



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