It’s not you it’s me

And this in response to Sara

Naked beauty, bedtime fun
Another notch etched in my gun
Vague regrets with morning sun
Baby, I have got to run

Of those regrets I have a few
It’s never what I meant to do
Remember that it’s me not you
I think that you already knew

The very nature of our fling
That I would dance and I would sing
That I would promise anything
Love, though, I would never bring

23 thoughts on “It’s not you it’s me

    1. Oh, wow, Sara! That is very kind. My stuff is not meant to be reblogged. It is vacuous yet space wasting. It should disappear with the first gust of wind that passes.
      More importantly, though. Happy Birthday!

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      1. SarainLaLaLand

        That just shows your talent. I really enjoyed it and I believe it is my first response too. 🙂


      2. Talent? Sara …. I think you should look more closely at your own beautiful creations.
        But ….. as long as you have that thought in your head I would like to marry you next Wednesday afternoon in a quiet ceremony, amongst only our closest friends, beside a clear blue stream flowing gently through a quaint English villiage where everyone has a dog and a friend called Douglas, before we holiday together in the Swiss Alps.

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      3. And Sara …. I must compliment you on your breadth of audience. Since you reposted my silliness I have been bombarded with digital popularity far beyond the scope of my customary 3 followers.

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    1. Thanks Vivian. I have encountered such kindness from strangers since starting this blogging thing ….
      And I really do like the smell of coffee. I think I talked in here somewhere about experiences in another lifetime of walking through the streets of Rome during winter mornings and just inhaling the stuff. Drinking it was always a secondary experience.

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  1. I read this from a reblog on SarainLaLaLand. In the wee hours of the morning, it strikes me with memories of my misspent youth. Thankfully, in my wiser older years no more vague regrets….


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