Scientific Whaling

Having posted nothing on here for some time I decided, in a rare display of self-discipline, that I should respond to the first prompt that I stumbled across today which was Here

I actually only bumped into it after being politically agitated by the Bag Lady’s comments on gun control Here …. so forgive me for the tired political angle.

I determined that I should allow myself only 5 minutes (the light is fading – it has become necessary to live my remaining days on the planet in flash) and post it regardless.

Which I am already regretting.

The result is unsurprisingly awful.

Big boats, baby
An Antarctic navy
The whole thing they say scientific
Small men with spears
Of high seas no fears
As they cheerfully rape the Pacific

Whale meat, baby
Have you tasted it, maybe?
In Tokyo they say it’s delicious
Though whales don’t explore
Round Japan no more
I’m beginning to find it suspicious

8 thoughts on “Scientific Whaling

  1. I’m sorry I upset you with my guns post. The five words given by the Secret Keeper just brought it out. As a mom, grandmom and US citizen who votes, I am totally frustrated by the shape our country is in, and ashamed. I can imagine how all of you around the world think, shy don’t they DO something? The president is out of control, etc. His latest visit to Australia proves he has no common sense or compassion. I won’t keep you further. Write more, please!


  2. Fear not. I’ve been a bit steamed up about guns for more than a little while. I shared a ski lift with an American gentleman recently and he suggested to me his understanding that Australia was an example of ‘gun control gone mad’. Apparently the streets of Sydney had been taken over by gangs of gun wielding thugs terrorising the poor citizens unprotected by a constitutional right to shoot back. “Oh,” I said, “I hadn’t noticed.”


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