Everything was always Beautiful

This possibly requires explanation. A photo prompt from Lovely Curses came to me as a blank page. Due, I suppose, to the limitations of my phone. A technical glitch, in other words. But after reading Marquessa’s creative non-fiction I wondered if there might actually be another message hidden in there for me……


There was a beautiful girl there in the photograph.

Not perfect. Beautiful beyond perfection. A gap between her front teeth. And I wondered if she might look at those teeth in the mirror some nights and wish they were otherwise. But perfect teeth would have ruined the smile. A smile that, just for a moment, might help you forget about the world that you lived in.

But here’s the thing. The first time I looked there was nothing. A blank white moment in a frame. And somebody else said that black was never meant to be beautiful. And I wondered, for that moment, if I might still, sometimes, look at life through a lens.

And I was horrified.

4 thoughts on “Everything was always Beautiful

  1. I believe that our messages are the same. My message was that when society considers you as ugly because you don’t fit norm, you feel invisible and are made to feel invisible. And others around you simply believe it too…until you know better and act accordingly.

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    1. Oh yes. I can find beauty in everything I think. And particularly in women (is that a politically correct thing to admit to? I’m not sure), but the combination of your post and the fact that the picture didn’t appear at all when I first looked at it I took to be a reminder of some sort

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  2. I love how you turned your problem of not being able to see the photo into a moment of self-reflection about how one views beauty (either through an ethnocentric lens or something more diversified). It takes some of us a little longer to see the true beauty of another person (both within and out), but boy when we do, it’s magical!


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