12 thoughts on “Paddling in the Gene Pool

    1. I’m just about brain dead, Amanda. 16 words or 1616 words …. I can’t seem to make much use of words at all these days, but less is mostly better for me. I see most ‘challenges’ as insurmountable, but if somebody asks for 16 words I think, yeah … maybe I can manage that.
      I can’t manage it, really, but I can just play along and hide in the shadows a bit, occasionally appearing briefly in the corner of someone’s eye. It’s nice to think that your eye was momentarily diverted.

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    1. Well, I don’t think I did much good with the 16 words. Or in the gene pool, for that matter. But sure, maybe a secluded beach somewhere watching the waves come and go and discarding a few meaningless inhibitions …. name a time Angie.

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