NYC Midnight micro-fiction.

Has anyone heard of this one? Does anyone really care about this one? Actually a lot of people seem to ….. there were a lot of entries this time around. But it’s a fairly silly concept. 100 words. 100 words????? Are you kidding? I can’t even describe the act of yawning in 100 words.

The prompts for this one ….drama/waking up abruptly/last

produced this ….

Awaking with a start, he kicked off bedclothes as though escaping a straight-jacket.
Checked his watch. Briefly contemplated a last-minute escape. And a return to poverty.
Stumbling from the shower, he examined himself carefully in the mirror. He looked like death.
Dressing was tedious and painful. Combed hair. Unfamiliar restrictions of suit and tie. Lastly, the new shoes. Designed only to further restrict his circulation.
Kicking aside empty bottles he rescued the wedding rings from beneath a half-empty pizza box.
Closing the door he looked back only briefly before taking the first meek steps into the rest of his life.

I don’t like it much myself and had more or less forgotten about it. The first 15 in each heat progress to the next round. I came in at 14th, so, figuratively speaking, my horse came over the line when the highly placed riders were sipping champagne in the showers.

The 2nd round is this weekend. Mrs Richmond and I are planning a road trip and, trust me, that takes precedence.

So don’t watch this space.

6 thoughts on “NYC Midnight micro-fiction.

  1. Road Trip!! 🚗 🥳💃🏼Woot Woot!
    Of course I’ll be watching this space… of course your next entry will be fabulous. You’ll show the judges they can’t keep ignoring, and passing over your obvious brilliance!! (Too much??😂😂)
    Bon chance!


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