Not more poetry. Just a little hiccup.

I made a promise to myself last night that I would desist from writing poetry unless specifically for Chel’s terrible writing contest.

But The Bag Lady pointed me in the direction of The tuesday writing prompt which only allows 10 – 15 minutes on something beginning with the words …. detached memory. WTF??? Any sentence starting with the words ‘detached memory’ is destined to sound like a quotation from a psychoanalyst’s handbook. But with poetry you can say just about anything and hope that somebody else ascribes meaning to it.

So I weakened.

And I have been going on about memories lately. If not detached, then certainly distant.

But it’s not really poetry either. I’d like to stress that.


Detached memory

A fading love

A drifting cloud above

You reach but cannot touch

With each passing moment

Losing so much

Of what was when

Now and again

A teasing hint

A footprint

In the snow

Barely seen

Can only show

Where you have been

Not where you are

A meteor

A distant star

Yours no more

This tune will fade

Will be remade

And then replayed



Only to restart

In another heart.


9 thoughts on “Not more poetry. Just a little hiccup.

    1. Exactly. So you put yourself into some sort of trance (drugs and/or alcohol can help) and then blurt out some random stream of consciousness – it’s best to be in a slightly emotional state (once again, drugs and alcohol can be handy) write the whole thing down, put in some line breaks, some random punctuation …. hey presto! You’re a poet!
      Sit back and let others tell you just what the hell you were talking about.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. The only “poetry” I’ve ever understood is rhyming limericks and Haiku. With everything else, I jsut read it and see if I like it🤷🏼‍♀️

    I like these words thrown at the page. The ones that stuck work well!!😂


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