One mouse less

Confirmation has been received that the cute little furry animal that had the temerity to wrestle with the cat and disturb Meg’s sleep has left this world for a better one. One hopes that somewhere in the afterlife there is a place where he may better fit in.

And having slid beneath the wheels of a passing vehicle he fits into all sorts of places that he didn’t fit before.

The family thanks you, KBG, for your flowers and kind thoughts, but asks for privacy during this difficult time.


And that is all. No curtain call

A mouse has had his day

They peeled him off the concrete

And sent him on his way

His tiny paws upon your floors

Shall be no longer heard

He shall no longer steal your sleep

There’ll be no final word

The cat upon the mat can sleep

And claim victory of a sort

Though the mouse arose triumphant

From a mighty battle fought

Being careless on the roadway

Was his only mortal sin

For he never saw the motor car

That squashed him paper thin


7 thoughts on “One mouse less

  1. HA HA HA H AH AHA! Ohhhh nooooo!!! Poor little mouse!!

    I had to research bitumen! Never heard of it!

    It’s all so tragic! That mouse survived Mr. Kitty’s attack, roughly sixteen hours underneath a desktop bookcase, a harrowing race across my room when Mr. Kitty came back upstairs, and my putting him in a cardboard box… all to get tragically run over!! AAUGH!! The universe must be having fun at my expense. 😀

    Your poem reads like a gentle lullaby to lull a young child to sleep! It would also (the whole saga) make an excellent illustrated children’s book.


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