More of the game of cat and mouse

As you may recall (perhaps not many of you), I reported the apparent assassination of an innocent rodent in Meg’s house yesterday.

In developing news, it seems that (as King Ben’s Grandma puts it) the mouse was, in fact, playing possum, and found an opportunity to flee the premises. I was asked for comment and offered the following


I’ve heard that the mouse that invaded the house

Is breathing. He lives on. He survives!

He’ll outlive the cat, ‘cause he’s better than that

And he claims to have more than nine lives



Unfortunately, further news arrived today that a mouse had been discovered in a state of post mortem, on the road outside Meg’s abode, the victim of an apparent hit and run. Whilst we still await positive identification (dental records and the like) the news is unlikely to be good. So I was forced to write a second obituary.


Such is our fate

Death has a date

For us all, including your mouse

We cannot pretend

It won’t come in the end

For one day we must all leave the house

Your mouse had his dances

Your mouse took his chances

He emerged from a fight with your cat

On the road heard a motor

A battered Toyota

He is now irreparably flat.


That, I think, is the end. There will be no further updates other than funeral arrangement details for those wishing to attend.

5 thoughts on “More of the game of cat and mouse

  1. HA HA HA HA HA AH! Too hilarious!! Oh my gosh. That poor mouse!! I freakin’ put him in a cardboard box and took him outside, just for him to get run over!! AAUGH!! But the dead mouse appreciates the nice…. oh gosh, I just reread the part about dental records. HA HA HA HA HA! And the funeral arrangements!


    1. The mouse is to be farewelled with a small private ceremony and the family have asked the media and the public to respect their privacy during this difficult time.

      And that is all. No curtain call
      A mouse has had his day
      They peeled him off the bitumen
      And sent him on his way
      His tiny paws upon your floors
      Shall be no longer heard
      He shall no longer steal your sleep
      There’ll be no final word
      The cat upon the mat can sleep
      And claim victory of a sort
      Though the mouse arose triumphant
      From a mighty battle fought
      Being careless on the roadway
      Was his only mortal sin
      He never saw the motor car
      That squashed him paper thin

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