Dance on My Grave

Let me further indulge my occasional morbid tendencies – though clearly I am not the only one going down that path, today. I am inspired (not for the first time) by Stoner. I particularly like her words ‘dry as a twig’, for some reason. Suddenly I can’t imagine anything ever being drier than that.



Look with love

From above

As I lay alone

Bits of old bone

In the dirt

No more hurt

No eulogy here

No fear

Of a ghost

I loved you most

As I died

And you cried

Showing me

That knowing me

Had been real

And making me feel

Loved at the end

But let’s not pretend

It’s the end, too

For you

So laugh once again

Remember me when

You’re not alone

A new love of your own

Sing a song

Say ‘so long’


Dance on my grave


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