Be Wayward with Me

Two challenges in two days. I’m on a roll!! But like most good rolls, it’s all downhill. This one from Sammi who asks for something of 77 words. One of those words has to be wayward.


You think me wayward

But on any day I could be

Just misdirected

Sometimes suspected

Of worse

But with this verse

I stand corrected

An attempt

At contrition


To a higher power?

Like a flower

So soon

In bloom


Like a rose

That knows

Of the thorn

Making one suspicious

Of the delicious

Poison in the tips

These swaying hips

A dance

A chance

To be played with

Decayed with




Can’t you see?

A way

To be wayward

With me


5 thoughts on “Be Wayward with Me

  1. Misdirection is magic like the perfume of the rose, a thorny attraction, but a proper bee can lust without blood drawn and help to fertilize the rose hips of Rose the wayward Lass who serves Scotch on a rocky shore with a dangerous dance of seduction.


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