A Letter to the Editor – 44 more silly words

This is just laziness on my part. At This, that and the other reference was made to ‘killing two birds with one stone’ so I followed suit, although no actual birds were slaughtered in the making of this post. Cyranny introduced the word ‘scoundrelism’ and whilst I remain unconvinced that such a word even exists – I think, if it did, I would probably find examples of it in the morning news (the evening news is even worse, by the way). And having got away with just 44 words yesterday (quadrille?? I think someone else is inventing words …) I thought that I do so again. Or try to.

So it’s actually three birds with one post. Laziness, as I say.


Newspapers and television

Information’s supervision

Politicians’ indecision

Shaky stories


Pretty pictures

Blurring vision

Truth has had

A circumcision

Tales of rampant


Rape and murder


Buddy, this ain’t


Fodder for my


It’s either that

Or hypnotism

Please accept

My criticism

18 thoughts on “A Letter to the Editor – 44 more silly words

      1. Oh no worries!! I tend to mistrust people all the time!! I hear ya!! 🙂

        Um, how can skepticism be spelled with a “c”? Wouldn’t that make it be pronounced septicism?


      1. Yes, well I did get the meaning, and yes, I did suspect that you’d made it up …. but, of course, every word has been made up at some time by somebody. You’ll need to see if it starts appearing in dictionaries in 10 or 15 years to gauge your own credibility.

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    1. I’ve actually no idea what that was supposed to mean. Lobotomy would have been a better word but regrettably would have required a major reconstruction. And I suppose circumcision is more of an attention getter. So to speak.

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