Only 44 silly words today

Because that’s the rule, apparently. And it has to be about the sky. That’s another rule. But there was no rule suggesting it could not be silly, or possibly meaningless. You can check the rules here, if you don’t believe me.

And here’s a thought. Right at this moment we all have sky above us. There’s only one sky. It’s the same sky for all of us, yet it is impossible for any two of us to look up and see exactly the same thing. Everything is about perspective.

Anyway ….


Look above

Pray for love

In this world or another

Bathe your head

In tears you’ve shed

For memories of your mother

Beg the sky

Tell me why?

Life has come to this

The sky shall open up for you

Carry you to Bliss.

10 thoughts on “Only 44 silly words today

    1. To be honest with you, the 44 word restriction made it a bit clunky in spots I think. But I never count. It either feels right or it doesn’t. But sometimes I read over stuff that I’ve done and I can’t see the rhythm at all, but come back later and it’s there again … it depends on where my head is.

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