And now for a bit more Melancholy

As if you haven’t already heard enough from me.

I do have a bit of an obsession about being old. I admit it. But has anybody noticed? Meg? Cyranny? Kate?

And my pal Stoner probably hasn’t noticed it at all and probably wasn’t even thinking about it when she posted her thing about packing (I’m fairly sure that she’s under 100 years old, and that’s when these things start to really bite – and geeeez, I started to feel past it even before that) but I read her post and this is what emerged in response.

I haven’t even edited it. My latest story was rejected by the NYC Midnight people today, so I’m never writing again. I’m a bitter and twisted old man.


Don’t look back

It’s time to pack

The past must stay behind

This all must end

My only friend

Stay lonely in my mind

Come what may

I’m on my way

The path is dark but clear

Come what will

I’ve had my fill

It’s all downhill, from here


14 thoughts on “And now for a bit more Melancholy

  1. I gave up on ‘being old’ the day I realized that almost all of my close friends were in their 60s and 70s when I met them and we became close friends. They were all creative, funny people (a weaver, a poet, a painter, etc. and Im now the last one standing.
    But something happened along the way: not too long ago I realized that what attracted me to them was the same thing that attracted them to me: and I’ve turned into them. That is probably the nicest thing I can think of in a slightly self-aggrandizing way–
    This is the long way of saying that if you think about who your friends are, you may find that you are, too or they’d not be your friends.

    Old ain’t bad, as they say, when you consider the alternatives.


  2. I think I need to stop radiating negative energy.

    I didn’t think before I even started writing that post it was another sneeze of words, couldn’t control it.

    But. I have noticed your obsession with being old but I have noticed that in a lot of people, including my own father. Everytime someone 6 months younger than him passes away he get scared like grim reaper is standing right behind him.

    Then we tell him, it was his time. You will have your own time.

    It’s all about quality of life to be honest. When I was fretting over turning 30, everyone here told me how amazing upcoming decades are going to be and that turned my perspective on aging. Btw I’m only 68 years short of a 100, but these bones ughh!!

    Autoimmune have devoured at least 30 years of health. But I still believe there’s a lot more to come that’s going to be totally worth living.

    Celebrate your age and your life.

    NYC Midnight people don’t know shit about writing then, and this must not stop you.

    You can allow yourself to be bitter for a while though, that’s your right. Be so bitter than there’s no more bitterness left inside you.

    And the poem.. what do I say.. I can only wish I was this talented! I would look at a random post and weave a poem there and then. Brilliant as always!

    And It’s not downhill from here. I totally believe if we have some years left, there must be something to live for.

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  3. That’s what I tell my grandkids that turn 21, it’s all downhill from here. But actually it’s the opposite. The hard part is usually over, getting to know who you are, etc. Never writing again? For shame! Is your disappointment why I haven’t seen you lately? I know for myself the fun seems to be sucked out of the cheery balloon when I can not open anything without hearing or seeing our idiot and dangerous president. It is very difficult to stay smiley when the world is disintegrating around us. Well, so much for an encouraging reply. . .dont make me come over/down? there☺️

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    1. I have no real idea of how the US election process works. But I find all political campaigns a bit silly, especially for the incumbent. Shouldn’t we be voting for people based on what we already think of them rather than what they tell us we should think of them? And it’s not as if Donald needs any extra opportunities to talk himself up!

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