We all have things to obsess about, of course. Old age is a bit of a thing for me, as I have just confessed, recently. But we all obsess about our hair just a little bit, don’t you think?Women might obsess a bit about their boobs and backsides (does my bum look big in this?) and men about some other personal measurements, but we all seem to hope that our hair might somehow disguise our other frailties. But ‘bad hair days’ leave us exposed to the world.

I was around in the sixties and seventies. Hair was important back then. I had lots of it. Long flowing blond curls. Did it help me through those difficult adolescent years? Probably not.

The handsomely weathered face that I hide behind here might suggest that I have an abundance of age defying follicles. But I don’t. Most of them deserted the sinking ship long ago.

Anyway …. Esther provided a five word challenge this morning on the subject (my morning, anyway, it might have been her evening. I’m on the bottom of the planet. Standing upside down from a northern hemisphere perspective. That may be what causes my hair to fall out) and I gave it a try. I may, as usual, have gone a little off script …. a few five word comments, all unhappily joined up together (that’s two more).

Here it is


Hair. Everywhere. It shouldn’t be
Don’t dare. Stare. At me
My naked head to see
So bare. Cold. Up there
Where it used to be


9 thoughts on “Hair

  1. I think your explanation for hair loss has merit! Except it doesn’t explain going bald here in America, where people aren’t standing upside down on the bottom of the planet! 😛


    1. Yes. There are a few holes in the theory, I’ll grant you. It doesn’t really explain the scarcity of female baldness regardless of hemisphere. I would like to get some data together on the proportion of bald men residing near the equator for such information could make or break the central thrust of my PhD.


    2. Eskimos all wear a hat
      There’s nothing under there
      They eat a healthy diet
      But they don’t have any hair
      The wearing of the headpiece shows
      How much they really care
      That they can never be as hairy
      As a scary polar bear


      1. Dammit … you see what I mean about rushing? … should be either “Eskimos, they all wear hats” or just “Eskimos wear hats”. I have filed it under ‘Silly verse for kids’


  2. I think most male baldness is just the hair migrating. I’ve noticed many men seem to have fewer hairs on top of their heads, but more in their eyebrows, nostrils, ears…
    You didnt LOSE the hair… it migrated😉


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