Why aren’t they watching me? Don’t they care?

My pal Kate wrote a post about overhead drones scanning her local secluded beach. Was she suggesting that our government are watching our every move looking for signs of socialist uprisings? Are there emotionless invisible men with secret code names hiding in underground fortresses somewhere out in the desert monitoring our every move and registering any hint of anti-government sentiment? Maybe. I wouldn’t put it past them. But I think, more likely, such drones belong to giggling fourteen year old boys searching for nudists.

Anyway …

It made me feel a bit insignificant and unimportant. I can’t think of a single thing I do that anyone would want to know about … much less watch.

I’m waving to spies

Who don’t wave to me

I’m guilty as hell

But can anyone see?

They hover above

Ever so near

They’re tapping my phone

But does anyone hear?

Let me pay for my crimes

At the end of the day

Just put me in custody

Put me away

Lock me up tight

Bury the key

The community needs

Some protection from me

You have my address

I’m not hard to find

I have evil thoughts

Aren’t you reading my mind?

I’m not paying taxes

I’ve had an affair

I’m taking drugs nude

Doesn’t anyone care?

27 thoughts on “Why aren’t they watching me? Don’t they care?

  1. Love it!! Let’s all antagonize those drones!! They creep me out!! I’ve been told also that my government is tracking everyone via their smartphones. How delightful is it that I don’t use a cell phone?! They can’t track me at all! 😮 Great poem!!

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      1. That’s exactly right! I used to get tired and (dare I say it?) slightly annoyed by the relentless streams of autograph hunters that would pursue me down the street, but this isolation thing has reminded me of what a privilege it was. The mail box crammed with fan mail and large sums of money, the people buying me drinks and gifts, the young women handing me their underwear, the phone calls from world leaders ….
        Those men in white coats … have you rung them yet?

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    1. That’s a good question. It must have something to do with the sun on bare skin bringing one closer to blending into the cosmos somehow and engendering an urge for chemical enhancements to enlightenment. Needless to say I’m a lot more coherent in winter, though.

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