Just sex. A call from an ex.

I tried to respond to a challenge earlier today From the godogs . It didn’t really work. I failed.

This is a kind of mashed up version of my effort.


Her call unexpected

Her voice like a song

Her words unsuspected

Her right to be wrong

The truth undetected

Has it been that long?

I am weak. Disrespected

But I’m playing along

Her hair, so familiar

Defying the wind

Her eyes hiding secrets

Lying within

Her skin still electric

Soft white still her hips

But she tastes of bad memories

Still fresh on her lips


4 thoughts on “Just sex. A call from an ex.

  1. Ha ha! Thank you. I have been discussing with a friend only this morning how words can sometimes look way more clever than they actually are if you dress them up as ‘poetry’. That discussion lead, inevitably, to ‘Stairway to Heaven’ and I am now determined to use the expression ‘bustle in your hedgerow’ at every possible opportunity in the future.
    And it makes me wonder.

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